Scotch Pine


Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris), obviously in the pine family with a height of 30-80’ and a spread of around 30’.


The trunk is usually crooked with an irregular spreading crown. The bark is orange-brown with needles 1 ½-3” long that are stiff and twisted to a point. Lives best in well-drained sandy soil, and needs full sun.


The main problem that you can run into with this type of tree is pinewood nematodes that cause wilt disease. Wilt disease mostly goes after a Scotch Pine at the age of 6 years or older and can kill it within a few weeks of illness. High wind storms can also damage the tree by snapping the branches at the nodes at 10-20’ above the ground. Most plants won’t grow close to this tree, not even grass, the soil becomes very acidic.


The Scotch Pine can be used for shade and for privacy. The primary reason to plant this tree is if you have bad soil that won’t support much in the way of other plant life.

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